Rio Cinema

The RIO cinema was built 1n 1962, by a great local cinema agent, Diogenis Herodotou. It was an open air cinema with a capacity of 1500 and it became the most popular cinema of Cyprus at its time.

The Limassolians still bring back and feel nostalgic about everything that RIO meant to them. A lovely, cool place dominated by the fragrances of its surrounding creepers and flowers, where they spent exhilarating summer evenings among cinema heroes who fascinated them with their acting causing them emotions.

Going back one can reflect on all the sounds and noises produced by the distinct characters who were working for the cinema, the viewers' burst of exclamations or laughters and the music of popular songs broadcast over the loudspeakers while everyone was eagerly waiting for the start of the film.

Added to all these was the "ritual" of the intermission when they would enjoy drinking a cold refreshment or eating hotly baked nuts or anything else accompanying a night of outing to the cinema.

While the performance was well on its way, outside there were hundreds queuing up, waiting patiently for the second performance while many more were arriving.

Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50